HVAC Contractors and Geothermal Installation

The majority of the commercial work done by Skillings & Sons, LLC. is drilling geothermal wells and installing the outdoor portion of the system.

Skillings & Sons, LLC. has nearly 40 years of experience drilling wells in New England. Our experience has taught us that drilling the region’s tough bedrock can be challenging on equipment. That’s why we’ve invested in high-quality equipment capable of breaking through the bedrock to make the most of the earth’s natural energy.

We have installed geothermal exchange systems across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine, including the Pease Air National Guard base. In 2007 during work on a nursing home, we installed one of the largest geothermal wells in New England with 16 bore holes at 1,500 feet deep.

When it comes to our work as subcontractors, Skillings & Sons, LLC. has a reputation for doing quality work on time and within budget.